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International Commercial Enterprises Company (ICEC) is a specialized industrial solution provider to various industries across the country with 4 regional Sales & services offices covering the main market segments.
ICEC consists of eight industrial specialized divisions.
Founded by Sheikh Abdelhadi Al-Qahtani in 1979 as a service provider to the oil & gas industry.
In 2009 under the vision of Sheikh Tariq Al-Qahtani to develop and expand the company into providing services, support & solutions to industries across the kingdom.
International Commercial Enterprises Co.,” is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and adopt state of the art market expertise by providing industrial equipment, material, and services that meet relevant specifications, customers’ needs and requirements. Also, ensure quality & reliability.
Due to the harsh environment in almost all regions of the kingdom, our mission is to provide solutions to issues facing the industries. Accordingly, ICEC is exceptional in this approach consequently partner with clients.

• WIELAND One of the leading manufacturers of industrial vacuum units, truck mounted vacuum loaders and stationary vacuum cleaning, vacuum conveying and dust extraction units. • TEKA Specializing in Suction and filter units for Fumes and dust. • FALCH Falch, one of the leading manufacturers of professional water jetting technology. • BIEMMEDUE (BM2) Pressure Washer Systems, Design and production for industrial and commercial Industries. Industrial power sweepers, professional & Industrial vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers and single-disc floor machines. • OERTZEN Water jetting systems, for more than 60 years von Oertzen GmbH of Ammersbek, Germany, has been specializing in water jetting systems for industry and commerce. Being an independent and successful company OERTZEN offers persistent quality products and develops tailor-made solutions for customers and markets.
• HÄNEL Industrial Storage system, Hänel stood for innovative solutions in automated materials handling. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial storage systems, Hänel is the first producer of vertical lift technology to develop an Eco drive systems, which converts the kinetic energy of descending extractor into electrical energy and feeds it back into the electrical supply system. • ILMAG ILMAG s.r.l. is a leading company specialized in construction of Systems for archive Document Storage Automation. The company’s philosophy, oriented towards the customer, aims to carry out a comprehensive consulting process to contribute with its own technologies to maximize the value recognized to a product and service. • GRUNIVERPAL TRANCHERO Producer of Mobile cranes, aerial platforms, special lifting machines, particularly for mould lifting. Complete range of patented lifting equipment with capacity from 80 Kg up to 100.000 Kg.
• HENSCHEL Henschel GmbH is the manufacturer of Railway Gears, special gears, extrusion gears, and worm gears. Railway gears of Henschel are based on experience in the design and production as well as actual market standard and development. • BRANDMAIER Brandmaier is specialist for Lightning technology, Display technology and Load collective counters.
• HOFFMANN The Hoffmann Group is a leading European Integrated Supplier of Quality Tools. As a technical expert offering a comprehensive range of customer services, 50,000 products and its brand GARANT, the Hoffmann Group is a partner to more than 115,000 customers in the field of industry, manufacturing, Precision engineering and public administration. • CERATIZIT CERATIZIT not only offers excellent cutting tools but also customized complete solutions for optimal machining of work pieces on a new machine. • POWERRAM Manufacturer of Professional Hydraulic tools, the core value of POWERRAM Super Unique is innovation, service quality and product quality. Built-in type Hydraulic Puller that remove gears, pulleys and bearings in most efficient way.
• ABLOY OY ABLOY® is one of the leading manufacturers of locks, locking systems and architectural hardware and the world’s leading developer of products in the field of electromechanical lock technology.
• TH. WORTELBOER B.V., Manufacturing of the tools and machines for piping constructions and pipe end preparation. • SCANMASKIN SCANMASKIN currently produces the highest class range of Floor Grinding & Polishing Machines with full range of Tools in facility in Lindome outside Gothenburg. SCANMASKIN Snap-On tools are easy to assemble and disassemble. SCANMASKIN has tools for everything from removal of thick coatings from the floor, to the sanding before painting tools for polishing high-gloss concrete floors, terrazzo and natural stone floors.
• ORBITEC GMBH Orbital TIG Welding Equipment; in the field of orbital welding technology. Orbitec supplies products and services to the following industries: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical, Semiconductor, Food & Dairy, and Aerospace. • ARCON ARCON Welding offers a series of Workhorse portable arc welders optimized to be the most rugged and reliable STICK Welders, TIG Welders, MIG welders, and Stud welders on the market.
• MWL BRAZIL MWL Brasil was founded in May 1999 with the purpose of producing railroad segment forged wheels, axles and blanks for gears. Its range includes sheave wheels and crane wheels and carbon steel ingots. MWL has equipped the most modern trains and underground rail systems worldwide. Proprietary technology, quality-product know-how as well as a qualified and committed workforce is the key factors for MWL success. • NEUERO TECHNOLOGY GMBH NEUERO Technology GmbH stands worldwide for development and production of modern maintenance facilities for Rail Vehicles, Locomotives, Metros and Trams. The excellent quality of products is recognized internationally. Neuero works with components that are perfectly adapted to your needs. Use our know-how for your individual challenge. Underfloor Lifting System; Lifting Jacks; Turntable; Working Platform; Wheelset Changing System; Bogie Changing System; Bogie Repair Hoist; Train Wash Plant. NEUERO Technology GmbH is a Q1 supplier of the DB AG (German Railways). • NENCKI LTD Nencki Ltd. is a competent in the manufacture of Railway Technology machinery and equipment mainly steel including hydraulic systems and relevant controls for Vehicle technology and Plant technology. • AQUAFRISCH, S.l. SPAIN Manufacturer of water equipment, Water treatment plants & Train wash plants, maintenance equipment for railways. Design, Installation and maintenance of washing systems. Aquafrisch was founded in 1996, starting its activity as a manufacturing and distributing water treatment equipment company. In a few years, it was launched into the market for the manufacture of train wash plants. During its more than twenty years of development, Aquafrisch has established itself as a company with reference both to the manufacture and distribution of machinery for railway workshops, as well as in the equipment of water treatment • BLASCHKE GmbH, GERMANY Blaschke GmbH is among the leading manufacturer of smoke extraction system for engine and diesel exhaust gases. Develop plans, produces and install complete system to capture and filter air pollutants at the work stations, ensure cleaner air in railway depots, fire stations workshop and industrial places. • UNILOK Unilokomotive Limited manufactures the Unilok Road / Rail wagon mover or shunting locomotive used for moving railway wagons, carriages or locomotives. Unilok are not truck conversions, but purpose built rail yard workhorses that travel as easily on road as on rail. Unilok carry out shunting tasks that locomotive 4 to 5 times their weight would do, but with greater mobility and at a fraction of the cost.

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