Abdel Hadi Abdulla Al-Qahtani & Sons Co.

Abdel Hadi Abdullah AlQahtani & Sons
Group of Companies
Tariq Al-Qahtani & Bros

The Group initially started its business after founding its first company, Abdel Hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani & Sons Co in the early 40’s of the 20th century as a wholesaler and supplier of food products. As the business grew and expanded, it diversified into supplying other industries including Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas Exploration and Gathering Systems, Refineries, Fertilizer Plants, Desalination and other energy related fields. Apart from energy related and industrial supplies and the long established wholesale Food Division, the Group furnishes Medical instruments and Supplies, Recreational Equipment, Computer Software & Hardware, other I.T. services, Consumer Products and Vehicles & Machinery.

The Group has gradually moved towards the industry in major Oil & Gas and Non-Oil & Gas related activities.
A Major part of the groups activities is its investments in facilities in Pipe Corrosion Control Services, the Manufacturing of Medium & Large Diameter Steel Pipes, Water Treatment Chemicals, Nails & Galvanised Wire Manufacturing, Industrial & Medical Gases, Water Bottling, and Bulk Food Packaging now form a major part of the Group’s activities.
AHQ Group has also founded businesses in the service sector in the fields of Insurance, Travel & Tourism, Transportation and Custom Clearance, besides the other specialised services such as Pipe Inspection, Environmental Protection, Real Estate Investment, Car Parking Services and others.

Sheikh Abdel Hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani
Tareq Abdel Hadi Al-Qahtani
(Chairman of the Board)
Salah Abdel Hadi Al-Qahtani
(Vice Chairman)
Abdullah Abdel Hadi Al-Qahtani
(Vice President)

General Information

Name : Abdel Hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani &
Sons Group of Companies
(Tariq Al-Qahtani & Bros.)
Head Office : P. O. Box 20 Dammam 31411, Saudi Arabia
Phone : +966-3-826-1477 / 826-1635 826-1831
Fax : +966-3-826-9894
E-mail :

our story

Al-Qahtani & Sons Co.

Our History

The Group has established a presence in the Contracting and Construction Industry and is a leader in new technologies and is associated with well-known industries to carry out major projects in the Kingdom. Furthermore, the Group owns vast areas of agricultural land used for wheat and cereal farming, fruit tree plantations, and breeding of cattle and pure Arabian Horses. On the other hand, the Group in order to diversify its investment portfolio in the early ’70s established a full-edged company in Houston, the U.S. Oil Capital. Other sister companies were also established in the G.C.C. and other Middle East countries to help promote business within the area and enhance the image of the Group. The Group is involved with international firms in joint venture manufacturing projects. A stat of highly qualified and dedicated professionals operates the business. Customer service is a priority and is facilitated by a wide variety of technical expertise and experienced personnel employed by the Group. The Group is managed by leaders with vision and ambition, dedicated to developing further opportunities in partnership with new and existing clients. Business activities have extended to other Middle Eastern Countries. The Group has an excellent reputation as a long-established supplier of materials, equipment, engineering services, and other products to Saudi Aramco, SEC, SABIC, SWCC, and many other Government Agencies as well as the Private Sector.