Southern Gas Company

Southern Gas Company

Established in 1977 in Khamis Mushayat, the Southern part of Saudi Arabia “ASIR PROVINCE” and owned by the Mother Company.
The plant in the initial stages supplied industrial gases in the area to businesses.
The plant expanded its facilities and activities by including other range of gases and related businesses in the late 1980’s.
In addition to the industrial gases, the plant has since 1985 been supplying medical gases to most of the hospitals in the Asir Province.
Range of products and services are as under:
1. Supply of industrial and medical gases.
2. Supply of fire extinguishers, refilling and related services.
3. Supply of welding equipment.
4. Supply of safety equipment and welding gases.
5. Supply of related material and equipment.
6. Supply of safety equipment related to welding and gases.
7. Supply of spare parts and accessories related to the above.

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Address Details
P.O.Box 397,Khamis Mushayt, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Phone Number
+966 17 227 2471, +966 17 227 1150

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