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Al-Qahtani Pipelines Flow Chemicals (L.L.C)

Pipelines Flow Chemicals is the only manufacturer in the region to produce TurboFlow under license of FLOWCHEM, USA, with full dedication to serve the requirements of Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) in the oil industry.
Pipeline Flow Chemicals (PFC) is a full-service drag reducing additives provider for the Middle East region, Asia and Africa with pipeline flow solutions to fit the needs of oil companies.
From a low cost product-only solution to a full turnkey program, we offer cutting-edge, custom-designed products.
PFC’s TurboFlow drag reduction offerings increase pipeline throughput, save power cost, and/or increase the operational fexibility.
Pipelines Flow Chemicals (PFC) is committed to improve pipeline flow in onshore and onshore pipeline applications. Our experience, size, and capabilities make us the best choice as a drag reducer supplier. We design, build, and supply specialized injection equipments for the complete process, field problem troubleshooting, and a technical support group to run analytical and lab testing.

Plant is located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
Plant Area is 20,000 square meters, will increase to 75,000 square meters.
Plant Built up Area is 4,300 square meters, will increase to 16,000 square meters.
Latest Proprietary Cryo Grinding/Blending Equipment is installed. LAO Purier & Polymerization units to be added.
Produces three basic types of products
Plant has 2 Independent Processing Units
TurboFlow DRA is an environmentally sound product that Immediately Increase Pipeline Flow and Save Energy

100% In Kingdom DRA Manufacturing

In Kingdom ownership of DRA Technology
In Kingdom Purification of locally sourced LAO to produce Polymer Alfa Olen.
In Kingdom Supply and Storage of Slurry
In Kingdom Distribution Network
In Kingdom Operation and Technical Support
In Kingdom Emergency DRA Capability
Compliance with IKTVA and Vision 2030

What Is The Drag Reducing Agent TurboFlow?

Drag Reducer Agent TurboFlow is a special polymer that injected into a pipeline transporting fluids (crude, refined products, non-potable water) so reducing the frictional losses in the pipeline. The concentration injected is very small (in fact, in PPM levels) Drag reducer research started in early 1970’s.
Flow is turbulent in most pipelines. Non-linear currents and friction cause much of the energy applied to move the fluids to be wasted. Drag Reducing Additives decrease energy loss by reducing friction along the pipeline wall and within the turbulent core of the moving fluid and increase the flow of pipelines by as much as 100% using the same energy or sustain your current flow rate using less energy.

Applications of the Drag Reduction Agent, TurboFlow

1. Increase amount of fluids flowing in the pipeline
2. Reduce pipeline operating pressure
3. Energy and operation cost savings
4. Refinery debottlenecking
5. Shorten demurrage time

Confidential Operating Data

Pipelines Flow Chemicals maintains strict confidentiality of all operating data. Because PFC is a 100% DRA-dedicated company, where you never need to worry about conflicts of interest regarding your operational data and methods. Our goal is to optimize your pipeline flow.

Why Choose Pipelines Flow Chemicals Drag Reducer Additives TurboFlow

Thorough evaluation of the oil, or crude pipeline system and operating objectives
Experienced performance prediction
Field trials to confirm efficiency estimates
Installation assistance and commissioning
Global service & support
Reliable supply chain for timely delivery of product

As the most efficient Drag Reducer Additives solutions provider in the globe, PFC provides:
Custom designed and built injection systems to meet specific climates and applications
Specialized engineering support for application optimization
Field service & support

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P.O. Box: 9917 Dammam 31423 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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+966 13 8261477, +966 13 8269894

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