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Saudi Arabian Overseas Services Inc. (SAOSI) was established in Houston Texas (USA) in 1976. Considered the American Energy Capital and at the same time viewed as strategically the best commercial site in North America (SAOSI) was established to target the following areas:

1. To have a permanent location in the United States of America for managing the business in U.S.A.

2. To support and expand the relationship with the American Businessmen who are working in the commercial and industrial fields so as to better exchange the benefits and services between the USA and the Middle East.

3. To use the SAOSI Office in the U.S.A. as an agent for the Al-Qahtani Group of Companies and for being responsible for conducting commercial transactions with American Manufacturers and Suppliers and for supervising shipments of orders placed from Saudi Arabia. A pivotal role of SAOSI is also to develop new partnerships and joint ventures with North American Companies interested in doing business in Saudi Arabia.

4. Conducting studies of the U.S. markets and keeping us informed of new and modern developments and innovations that can benefit the oil gas and agricultural sectors of Saudi Arabia.

5. The SAOSI Office maintains an updated database of American suppliers and businessmen with their contact numbers, type of business activities and products and services they deal in.

6. A new and modern electronic system was set up in the SAOSI office to answer questions and inquiries relating to the business activities, banking and economic affairs.

7. The SAOSI Office also manages real estate owned by the Group in the U.S.

8. Arranging invitations for businessmen from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia and vice versa are also handled by the SAOSI Office.

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Saudi Arabian Overseas Services Inc. (SAOSI)

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