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A systematic inspection and maintenance plan helps oil and gas producers prolong the useful life of their tubular goods. Costly downhole failures can be avoided by the use of a reliable inspection service company. In Saudi Arabia, PIPE AND WELL SERVICES is approved by ARAMCO and most of oil & gas field's companies to provide inspection services to the most demanding standards.

Skilled technicians and state of the art equipment allow PIPE AND WELL SERVICES to offer the following inspection services:

Drill Pipe Inspection (to DS-1 and API specifications)

Dimensional and Visual thread inspection

Visual tube and OD gauging
Electromagnetic inspection using the one function portable unit (Buggy)
Ultrasonic end area inspection using wheel mounted transducers
Dry magnetic particles inspection for slip/upset area
Ultrasonic remaining wall thickness inspection
Straightening and refurbishing.

Bottom hole assembly (BHA) Inspection (to DS-1 and API specifications)

Drill Collars, Hevi-Wate, Stabilizers, Reamers, Hole Openers, Kelley, etc.

Dimensional and Visual thread inspection
Magnetic particle inspection on threaded connections
Dry magnetic particles inspection

Production Tubing and Casing

Dimensional and Visual thread inspection.

Drifting and straightening.
Full body electromagnetic inspection using the four functions stationary unit (Transverse and Longitudinal detection, Gamma Ray for through wall and cord inspection and Grade Verification)
External full length cleaning using automated wire brush buffing machine (also for DP and BHA)
Internal full length cleaning using hydro blasting machine (also for DP and BHA)
Coupling replacement

Rig Parts and Handling tools

Dry magnetic particles inspection

Dye Penetrant Inspection

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