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The Abdel Hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani & Sons Farms was established in 1954 in Riyadh and subsequently with the passage of time expanded to Dammam and Abha as well. It covers the following activities:

1. Production of Grain Crops:

Saudi Wheat, of which the Farm plants 500 - 700 hectares annually as well as Barley, Elymus Arenarius (for the first time in the Arabian Peninsula) and Maize - Corn (both white and yellow).

2. Production of Fodder, Sugar and Oil Production Corps:

Medicago sativa, Rodhes grass, Fodder-beet, Sugar cane and beet, Peanut, Sun rose (Helianthemum) and Sesame.

3. Palm Trees:

At this first stage, about 20 tons of special (high quality) dates are produced annually (local types include Khlass - Sukkari -Barhhi - Wannan and Rothana). This quantity will be doubled in the coming years.

4. Equatorial Fruits:

Production of citrus fruits, annona (equatorial fruit), various types of papaya and special types of grapes.

5. Livestock Production:

1. Breeding of pedigree horses (Arabian Horses)
2. Breeding and fattening of sheep and camel.
3. Culturing and production of local domesticated birds (such as chicken, pigeons - ducks - quails and turkeys).
4. Farming of Nile cichlid and most fresh water fishes.

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A. H. AI-Qahtani & Sons Farms

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