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The Company has taken the initiative of expanding in the field of Environmental Engineering Services. In a common trend with other countries there is a growing concern for safeguarding the environment and clean up of hazardous waste in the Middle East. The Company has acquired and set up a complete facility to treat oily waste through state of the art technology.

The facility's equipment is manufactured by one of the world leader's in centrifugal separation technology. The latest technology is part of their wide range of separation equipment.

The Company by executing several projects for Saudi Aramco in the Kingdom, is well placed and equipped with the machinery, systems, qualified man power and logistical support to carry out oily waste recovery and clean up projects.

The significant advantages of the treatment system are

Reduction of health risk and environmental damage by minimizing waste and the subsequent proper disposal of remaining pollutants.

Oil is separated and segregated for return to proper storage where it becomes a usable product.

Water is separated and hydrocarbon contents treated and reduced to acceptable discharge levels. The water is then redirected to a water treatment plant or released.

Solids are reduced to a near dry state. The waste thus dramatically reduced in volume has been stabilized. It can be disposed off in accordance with applicable environmental policies.