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Earadat Establishment is engaged in different activities and businesses serving its customers not only in Saudi Arabia also the G.C.C. countries as well.

Primarily they are involved in

1. Custom Clearance

Earadat Establishment is involved in custom clearance activities covering all types of goods and commodities either imported or exported, bulk goods, special consignments and personal shipments. Therefore the Establishment is dealing with all Saudi Airports, seaports and dry land ports.

The Establishment also applies follow-ups and obtains custom duty exemption certificates regarding raw material, spare parts, machinery and equipment for industrial projects. Furthermore, Earadat Establishment is also dealing with custom stores, warehouses located both inside and outside the custom boundaries.

2. Transportation

Modern fleet of which are kept in excellent working condition by a well equipped workshop staffed by a team of highly professional technicians and mechanics. The workshop is responsible to ensure that vehicles are available at all times and are ready to absorb the customers needs and requirements anywhere in Saudi Arabia. They follow a strict compliance of safety rules and regulations and consider no job too big or small or any destination out of reach.

Reputation and excellent performance blended together with a commitment to serve places Earadat Transportation on a path of growth.

3. Other Activities

Earadat Establishment also owns a number of excavators that is available for lease to other companies who are working in the field of pipeline contracting.

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